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The Client Working on one of the largest initiatives for a multi-billion dollar fintech company, Envestnet, Inc. is an American financial technology corporation which develops and distributes wealth management technology and products to financial advisors and institutions. Their flagship product is an advisory platform that integrates the services and software used by financial advisors in wealth management.

The Challenge Envestnet aimed to improve their legacy Proposal tool with their Next Generation Proposal tool to create an experience that is easy to use and delight users. This is a web application where an advisor can create a financial proposal to prospect clients. Projects would include a workflow from the legacy tool where I would design how it would function in the new tool.

The Process Working collaboratively with fellow designers, product managers, and developers in an agile development cycle I rapidly prototyped designs in Figma using our design system and iterated based on feedback from stakeholders. Using project management tools such as Jira and Confluence I managed and tracked my design tasks and requirements.

Role Product Designer

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New progress bar

An upcoming change to the Next Generation Proposal tool that incorporates all the tools available into a single platform required a new layout change including a new progress bar that previously was a sidebar. This challenge was given to multiple designers throughout the company that was voted on and my design was selected to be used.

The design includes the proposal name, proposal actions such as edit, copy, and delete, view recent proposals, and the steps in the tool that a user would go through. The steps component includes the default, completed, and in progress states.

Import Holdings Project

A feature from the legacy proposal tool, the import holdings project imported accounts from Client Central into the Next Generation Proposal tool to be used in the user’s proposal. This modal popup was opened from the account setup page and the user can either enter the entire account number and add it or search for the account in the popup. When searching for an account, users can use filters to help find an account, select an account, and add the account using the add button.

I built out all the states that would happen when using the popup such as the happy path, when a user searches without any filter text inputted, no matches found, and when a scroll bar appears once 10 or more accounts are listed, and a few others. I added annotations to the project to make it easier for developers to know how the popup functions. Multiple versions of this popup were created as the team thought through the project till we decided with this version.

Search account number text field
Input full or partial account number here
Search Icon button
Search for the account and bring up the search dropdown
Add button
Inputting full account number and selecting Add will add the account number below
Account #s
Account numbers that have been found in the search
Dropdowns to filter your search request
Import account numbers that are queued up in the modal for upload
Import account button
Imported account button is now available for selection

Happy path: Search sequence workflow

Advisor inputs account number into the search box and selects Add

Advisor inputs multiple account numbers into the search box and hits Add

No matches found

When a user selects reset from the seach popup

When a user searches without any filter text inputted

Account removed from the list of added accounts

A scroll bar appears once 10 or more accounts listed

IP Exceptions Project

Another feature that was added from the legacy proposal tool, the IP exceptions project added to an existing feature that added a new option to the Security Concentration popup in the Fees page.

I broke down the user flow showing how the Security Concentration was added, removed, and edited by a user. I included arrows to easily follow the project flow and even linked the prototype for a developer to see how the project will function.

Security Concentration - Added

Security Concentration - Removed

Security Concentration - Edit